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The Learning Management System (LMS) Software that simplifies managing your school and aids teacher in improving learning outcomes.


About us

Upswing's learning management system for schools is designed to make teaching easy and efficient and learning fun and interesting.

Upswing aims to be one of the best online learning platforms that is school — teacher centric, helping them digitise the mundane tasks, which in turn allows the teachers focus on what they love to do 'TEACH'.

Key Highlights

Effortless School administration

The administration has a bird's eye view of the entire school's learning progress at their fingertips; by having access to teacher performance, class reports, time table generation, exam results and much more with just a click of a button.

A teacher's ally

With a vast repository of course content, teachers can schedule tests, quizzes and homework assignments allowing them to focus on improving the tutoring experience for students by helping them save time on setting question papers or grading assignments. Upswing enables teachers to narrow down each student's area for improvement subject / topic wise.

Every student's companion

Personalized learning tips for every student.Upswing's Course Manager & Revision Manager not only helps students access teacher notes but also provides students unlimited practise tests available on every topic in every subject, allowing them to revise concepts taught in class that enhances their performance.

Monitoring made easy

Parents can track their child's overall progress with comprehensive graphs and charts within minutes and stay informed at every step of their learning journey.



School administration made easy. The scheduling of classes and respective teachers can be done in minutes with our school timetable management software. With easy to read graphs, the administration can effectively monitor the teacher's performance and students progress.

For the teachers

Teachers have access to rich course content that assists in their teaching. The chat feature for student-teacher interaction enables teachers to provide personal attention The Question paper generator software makes exam paper setting and correction unbelievably simple with the ability to announce results almost instantly. Teachers can also track submission of assignments and with a glance provide inputs for improvement.

For the students

The course manager gives access to the teacher's class notes, allowing the students to build on their own notes and grasp the concepts effectively. With the revision manager, students have access to unlimited practice tests to strengthen their fundamentals of a concept and test their own knowledge levels prior to taking an exam. The Leaderboard keeps the student informed of their progress in the class that motivates them to perform better by bringing in a healthy competitive spirit.

For the parents

With the parents always notified on their child's learning curve & progress in assignments, tests and exams the parents can offer the required assistance at home.

Competitive Exams

Although the syllabus to be prepared for the competitive exams are similar to that taught in schools, it has become more of a trend to opt for tutions adding burden to the students. Upswing offers rich course content available for NEET, IIT-JEE and CLAT preparation. This gives students an all in one platform to prepare with consistent learning methodologies.Combined with National Testing Features, students are given unlimited practice and mini mock tests to practice.

Value Added Programs

Value-added programmes like the NTSE, KVPY and Olympiads improve a child's thinking ability, reasoning skills at a young age inevitably preparing them for various other competitive tests during their student years.Upswing's prep guides for national level tests are comprehensive and also helps them in attaining benefits such as scholarships and admission into reputed colleges to pursue the career of their dreams.

Choosing a career path

Most students during and after school are not aware of all the possible career options available and Upswing tries to offer every student insights on a variety of career path they could pursue by helping them take an informed decision.