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The International Science Olympiad is a congregation of competitions in many areas of Science. The Olympiads help students strengthen the basics of every subject they learn while also giving them eat/ exposure to healthy competition that enables them to be very sharp-minded problem solvers.

Key Facts:


6 Olympiads are organised each year wherein students from 1400 different cities register and appear for the exam.


Every year around 10 Lakh students register for the Olympiad exam.


The Olympiads are conducted across 30 countries.


30 students are selected from each region that will qualify for the next round.


The different Olympiad exams are International General Knowledge Olympiad (IGKO), International English Olympiad (1E0), National Science Olympiad (NSO), International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO), International Company Secretaries (ICSO), National Cyber Olympiad (NCO).



Olympiad Examinations provides a unique competitive opportunity that identifies young geniuses that create a talent pool for the future.


Olympiads give students better motivation allowing them to array their talents at National and International levels.


These exams enable students to put both, their understanding as well as the application of concepts to the test.


Students will find the subjects that they excel in at an earlier stage and help them to specialise in it.


Students develop the ability to grasp concepts at school easily, preparing them for future competitive exams.

How we prepare you.

Our content-rich online training platform gives every student taking the Olympiad exam the opportunity to reach their goals.

Eligibility: students of 3rd - 10th standard.

  • Students preparing for Olympiads will not linger behind in school work.
  • With the teacher's help, the student can give all their attention to methods taught in school, giving them a clear path to achieve high.
  • The Revision Manager allows students to revisit concepts they learnt in their current or lower class, allowing them to recollect topics that may otherwise be forgotten.
  • With each student having access to the teacher's notes they can easily understand concepts they might find harder on their own.
  • Our Course Repository also gives the students access to any materials they require for the exam.
  • Students can take multiple practice tests to strengthen their knowledge of concepts and better their understanding.

Benefits of the Olympiads

  • Olympiads help build a stronger foundation of fundamental concepts.
  • The Olympiads are meant to test the skills of observing, identifying, comparing, classifying, inferring, predicting, quantitative reasoning and more.
  • A students scholastic performance is also improved as Olympiads sharpen their thinking, learning process and reasoning ability which helps them to follow the concepts better.
  • Students gain the experience of the competitive exam and also get to know where they stand amongst their peers at a national level.
  • Accomplishing well at the Olympiads also earns the students great merit and will the highlight on their report cards and also resume.