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The National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a highly esteemed National Level scholarship program that identifies intelligent students further developing their talents. Preparing for NTSE forms a strong framework for students, it analyses their strengths and weaknesses and benefits them in higher-level competitive and other scholarship examinations.

Key Facts:


NTSE sees around 900,000 to 10,00.000 students appearing for Stage - I exam every year, of which 4500 students are selected to appear for Stage - II of the exam.


1000 students are selected from the 4500 who appear for the Stage - II exam.


Students studying abroad also compete in the NTSE exams.


NTSE scholars are rxefered during Military National Defence Academy selections.



Indian colleges have seats specifically reserved for the NTSE scholars. Eliminating the requirement to make multiple admission test of colleges.


It gives the scholar a high preference over general candidates in government jobs.


It gives a candidate's resume special treatment at interviews for IFS, IAS, IRS, IPS etc.


Being an NTSE scholar indicates the student's abilities as it is a standardised exam that examines the student's abilities with objectivity.

How we prepare you.

Our content-rich online training platform gives every student taking the NTSE exam the opportunity to reach their goals.

Eligibility: students in 10th standard.

  • Students writing the NTSE can simultaneously also prepare for their board exams.
  • With the teacher's help, the student can give all his attention to the leaming methods taught in school, that give him a more distinct path to achieve higher.
  • With Revision Manager, students don't have to worry about forgetting concepts they leemt in lower classes, they can brush up on any topic of their requirement.
  • With each student having access to the teacher's notes they can efficiently leam and strengthen their understanding of concepts they might find harder on their own.
  • Our course repository also gives the students access to any materials they require for the exam.
  • Students can take multiple practice tests to strengthen their knowledge of concepts and better their knowledge on the subject matter.

Benefits of the NTSE

The NTSE is an exam to recognise high intellectuals with the ability to think, judge, visualise in the space and have the special power of reasoning which will, in tun, prepare the students to take part any competitive exams in future with full confidence.

Being an NTSE scholar allows students to aim high and strive to get through the higher-level competitive examinations which inadvertently boosts the career opportunity.

The greatest advantage for an NTSE scholar is that they are eligible for an additional scholarship from the central government.

  • The scholarships amounts have been raised from Rs 500 to:
    • Rs 1250 for 11th Grade and 12th Grade
    • Rs 2000 for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
  • NTSE scholar students that choose to study further in the Science and Social Science stream get scholarships up to doctorate level.
  • Students that opt for professional courses get scholarships til postgraduate level.
  • Studies show that NTSE scholars are likely to be toppers at esteemed colleges like AlIMS, NEET, JEE-IIT, and so forth.
  • NTSE scholars are also given discounts on books and course material at high school levels, which help the students to purchase expensive books at an affordable cost that would assist their studies better for a brighter future.
  • ANNTSE scholar gets 715000 at the end of class 10.
  • If the student wishes to study abroad, being an NTSE scholar gives them preference over other students, as colleges are aware of the high intellectual skills and talents required to clear the exam.