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Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is a scholarship program that is run by the Indian institute of Science, to encourage students that are highly motivated to pursue a research career in science. KVPY enables the students to realise their academic potential and assists them with their future career opportunities.


Key Facts:


Around 40,000 - 50,000 students appear for the KVPY exam.


Out of the 50,000 students (on average), that appear for the exam


1500 Scholars are eligible for the Scholarship provided.


An Examination and an Interview is conducted & the students that pass for both are deemed as KVPY Scholars.


There are three different sets for the students appearing in the KVPY examination.


The merit list is based on scoring 75% for Aptitude test and scoring 25% for the interview marks in the streams SA, SB and SX



Qualifying for the KVPY exam the students are considered for direct admission to top institutes like IISc and the various IISERs.


KVPY is a good opportunity for JEE and NEET aspirants to test their concepts, understanding and application of logic, as the syllabus is quite similar.

The three different streams of examinations are:

  • Stream SA: Students that are in class 11 during the academic year are eligible for this test.
  • Stream SX: Students that are in class 12 during the academic year are eligible for this test.
  • Stream SB is eligible to students that are in the first year of the undergraduate program during the academic year.

Summer programmes are organised for different streams that give candidates the opportunity to attend various seminars and watch scientists at work and interact with them or visit nearby laboratories.

How we prepare you.

Our content-rich online training platform gives every student taking the KVPY exam the opportunity to reach their goals.

Eligibility: students of 11th - 12th standard.

  • Students writing the KVPY can simultaneously prepare for their board exams.
  • With the teacher's help, the student can focus their attention on methods taught in school, giving them a clear path to aim and achieve higher.
  • Students can brush up on topics leamt in lower classes with the Revision Manager, enabling them to revisit and strengthen their fundamentals on various concepts.
  • Having the teacher's notes on every topic taught available to them allows quick and efficient leaming of concepts they may find harder on their own. Our course repository also gives the students access to any materials they require for the exam.
  • Students can take varied practice tests to strengthen their knowledge of every subject and better their understanding.

Benefits of KVPY

The students gain greater determination to appear for the JEE or NEET as they would be familiar with its concepts after writing the KVPY exarn.
Having written and qualified and experiencing interviews gives the student better confidence when faced with jab interviews.

  • KVPY scholars receive scholarships (both monthly and annually) during the basic course (3 to 5 years integrated course).
  • Onclearing KVPY the students stand to receive a basic scholarship of INR 5000 per month is provided to students from both science and medicine fields for the first 3 years of the UG course.
  • For every subsequent year of integrated programs up to pre- PhD level this sum is increased to INR 7000 a month.
  • KVPY Scholars get an annual Contingency grant of INR 20,000 for the first 3 years that goes up to INR 28,000 for the subsequent years.
  • These benefits support students whose education is restricted due to financial limitations.
  • KVPY scholars are also required to do a research project under the guidance of a scientist or scholar specialising in their respective fields, amplifying their knowledge and inevitably acquiring them a promising and successful career in science and engineering.
  • KVPY scholars are also given access to renowned National laboratories and Universities.
  • Being a KVPY scholar is one of the most coveted titles and it gives candidates an edge over others making their resume stand out.