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Top Colleges for Hospitality Management in Bangalore

Top Colleges for Hospitality Management in Bangalore

Hospitality and Hotel Management:


Most of the time students get confused between the hospitality and hotel management. No doubt that hospitality management is increasing and growing rapidly with the passage of the time. The hospitality management is a most important task which purposes to handle the problems of the hotel and resort. In hospitality education, the manager ensures that our guest is satisfied with the overall facilities of the hotel and they feel like they are at their home. The manager of the lodging confirms that people who come for business travel have a good experience with other people and in a hotel. In hospitality management manager must aware of all happenings of the departments which includes overall budget, finance, services, conferences, and good services for guest. The education of the hospitality builds the strong relationship between the guest and the host.


In hospitality management for a successful business, it is good to know that customer is satisfied with the needs which are providing them. Whereas Hotel management is a management which purpose to deal with the overall system of finance and accounting, tourism management, food management, public relation management and human resource management. The education of the hotel management requires to know about the basic skills and values, marketing strategies, marketing, good communication with resources and interpersonal skills. The study of hotel and management has very tough competition in the market and only that person can survive in who know about these basics of hotel management. The study of hospitality and hotel management is not tough but the first few years are quite tough in which students learn about the basic functions.


Degrees in Hospitality Management:


Degrees is very much important when you want to work as a professional in your field but most of the time to work in a hospitality management degree is not require most probably. But if students want to secure high position they must get degree few degrees in hospitality management.


  •  Doctorate degree in Hospitality Management
  •  Associate degree in Hospitality Management
  •  Master degree in Hospitality Management
  •  Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management


Top Colleges of Hospitality Management in India:


  •    Garden city university, Bangalore
  •    Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, Bangalore
  •    PES University, Bangalore
  •    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  •    Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
  •    Upswing Learning, Bangalore


Garden City University, Bangalore:


Garden city university which is one of the most famous university and affiliated with Bangalore University. This university established in 1992 and provides so many courses in graduate and undergraduate in hospitality management. Faculty members of garden city university are professionals and know how to provide the best knowledge for students.


Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, Bangalore:


Institute of Logistics and Aviation management is one of that institute which is affiliated with Jain University. It provides so many career opportunities for its students. This university offers Post graduate diploma in aviation hospitality and travel tourism with time duration of 10 months. Teaching methods and courseware of this university are outclassed which helps the students to find the best career for them.


PES University, Bangalore:


PES University is a top class private university which is located in Bangalore. This university was established in 1972. Goals of this university to secure the future of each student by providing the best career opportunities in each area of education. 


Bangalore University, Bangalore:


Bangalore University which offers Bachelor of hotel management for its students with time duration of 3 years. Students who wish to take admission in this institute for hospitality management they must need to pass from a recognized board. Students can get each and every information and details online as well as offline.


Mount Carmel College, Bangalore:


Mount Carmel college is one of the best colleges in Bangalore for hospitality management in India. Faculty of this college is highly qualified and professional in their major subject or area. Teachers of this college provide the best information more than in books and research papers. The infrastructure of this college is very huge each and every area has its own importance. Mount Carmel college provides the comfortable atmosphere for its students.


Upswing Learning, Bangalore:


Upswing Learning which is located in Bangalore is one of the best coaching institutes which provides various courses for the bright career of the students. Purpose of providing these courses to prepare the students for the exams of hospitality and get admission in top listed institutes of India. We also provide different tests and assessments to know how students are getting the information and how much they learn. 

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