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How Should I Prepare for CAT Exam

How Should I Prepare for CAT Exam

CAT Exam:


The CAT is the Common Entrance Test. It is one of the biggest Entrance exams of India and also considered the mother of MBA Entrance exam. It is a computer-based exam which is held in India each year. The Indian Institute of Management was the first institute which started this exam for test preparation of business administration program. Purpose of this test to provide admission in top listed universities for business management in MBA. This test has many different forms and version which conduct on a large scale. This test is conducted by (IIMs) Indian Institute of Management. Which was established according to the act of parliament? These institutes also provide research service in multiple business and management globally.

Exam Pattern of CAT:

To appear in CAT exam student do not need to be a professional the teacher, doctor, engineer, or businessman. The major focus of this exam to know how intelligent you are to solve each question of the exams. The exam pattern of CAT is the changed each year. From last few years, the test of CAT has few changes. It exam pattern includes few sections.

Each section of the paper has different marking criteria. The first section and third section includes 34 questions, and the second section includes 32 questions. In this exam It is almost compulsory for all the students they solve the paper of 60 marks. The time duration of this exam is 3 hours 100 questions of this exam is divided into 3 sections.

Sections of CAT Exam:

The exam is divided into three sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data interpretation and logical reasoning
  • Verbal ability

Quantitative Aptitude:


The Quantitative section is based on multiple mathematics questions with the 10+2 difficulty level. All the questions are based on real time-solving problems. Different topics of algebra, geometry, Athematic, and commercial mathematics are included in the question paper.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning:

The section of data interpretation and logical reasoning is based on given data questions. The data is related to the charts, graphs, and paragraphs. In this section, students must solve the question very carefully and understand the accurate problem-solving. This section checks the overall the ability of the student that how he or she evaluate the problem.  

Verbal Ability:


The section of verbal ability is consisting of comprehension and English grammar. Purpose of verbal logic questions to check the knowledge of the student in arranging the paragraph in sequence. Determining the type of statements helps to complete the paragraph in an appropriate way.

Eligibility Criteria for CAT Exam:


The Eligibility criteria for this exam are that students must score 50% scores in Bachelor degree with CGPA. And for other category students must obtain 45% marks in SC, ST, PWD, and DA category. Total percentage of the student will be calculated on the basis of practical work. Candidates also fulfill some other conditions of the exam. Those students who completed their degree requirements and waiting for results they can also apply for this test.

Pro's and Con's of Offline CAT Coaching:


  • In offline coaching, students can get instant solutions to their problem.
  • The class environment of offline CAT coaching is quite good.
  • In offline, students can in touch with the teacher face to face.
  • In offline, students can directly in touch through communication with teachers.


  • The offline CAT coaching is time-consuming and takes too much time in lectures.
  • It also wastes too much money in fee; most of the students cannot afford the too much high fee.
  • The number of students thinks that offline CAT coaching classes are not flexible.
  • Offline CAT coaching provides limited material for students.

Pro's and Con's of Online Coaching:


  • The online coaching of Cat is economical and time-saving.

  • It provides knowledge from worldwide because students can easily connect oversea teachers.

  • It helps to connect with the good network.

  • It has great flexibility.

  • The online coaching also provides leniency to students if they missed any lecture they can learn.

  • This coaching is low cost in which students do not need to travel from one place to another place.

Con, s

  • The online coaching does not provide physical appearance in the classroom.

  • In this coaching, students cannot communicate with their teacher face to face.

  • In online coaching, students cannot get instant solutions to their problems.

  • In online coaching, students face many time technological problems.

CAT Preparation without Coaching:


No doubt that coaching helps a lot while preparing for the CAT test. Student after preparation of CAT can perform his or her task very well. The monitoring of coaching by teachers tells the students about their downfall that were student stand. Coaching also helps in improvement of scores in the exam. Every student has the different capability of understanding the things so the plan of coaching varies student to student. The verbal section of CAT preparation helps the student to improve the reading skills. The number of students enjoys the section of reading. Then after this mock focus on that how creative you are to solve the questions. The section of data interpretation helps the student to improve calculations. Try to avoid Vedic, mathematics, and abacus. Always try to solve the simple sums because with the passage of times sums become more difficult. The logic section helps you to solve the puzzle from the book. When you are preparing for CAT try to solve the fundamental concepts first without theory. Then solve the concepts with the theory it will help a lot the students.

Advantages of CAT Coaching:


The exam of CAT has so many advantages in life. It provides opportunity in top listed universities and colleges for MBA program. Good institutes always provide well-designed courses for students. The exam of CAT also helps the students in character building and confidence building. Students can get progressively better scores for further exams and study. A student can also get to know where he or she stands. This exam also tells the students that how much they need to forward and how better he can do. Students after completing their MBA in top listed Indian institutes can easily get a good job in the country or outside the country.

Online Video Tutorials:


More than 750 videos on YouTube related to the CAT exam course cover all syllabus of CAT. These videos are effective, interesting, and knowledge base for students who wish to get high grades in CAT exams. Students can easily access the information anywhere anytime and review the old videos in free time.

Online Forum:


The online forum is one of the most interesting features of this course. In which students can post their doubts on the post and these doubts are solved in further clarification through email. The student can clear their doubt to other registered students like a class.



Online coaching centers are affordable for all students. Students who cannot afford the fee of offline coaching centers they can easily prepare them self through online coaching classes.

Non-Paid Study Material:


Many online coaching centers in India are providing free non-paid study materials for CAT preparations. Students can be connecting through the internet can get their free online forum, free blogs, and free mock tests. The syllabus of the CAT is one of the most important materials which helps to tell you the format of the test preparation, date, and the final day you been tested. Magoosh common admission test blog which helps the students for the preparation of CAT syllabus.

Upswing Learning:


If students are searching best online coaching center for CAT preparation, then Upswing Learning is the best choice for test preparation of CAT. Upswing Learning is providing video tutorials, mock test, online classes, and short courses in very affordable amount for students who wish to get high scores for the CAT. Our website guides you the exact date, format of exam preparation, and the all-important dates of the CAT. Our content is totally research-based and it does not include any mistake. It also provides you free CAT tutorials online You just need to practice a lot before sitting in CAT exam. We encourage the students and give solutions to their doubts which they are facing in searching best coaching center.

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