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Expanding Your Skill Sets

Important Steps You Need to Follow Towards Enhancing Your Skills

Expanding Your Skill Sets

Important Steps You Need to Follow Towards Enhancing Your Skills

OBJECTIVE: Improve your skill set to ensure you of reaching your future interests and goals. Work both on your hard and soft skills.



Even if you’re in high school, college or already working, you still need to excel in the skill set that you have. By that time, you are already aware of your long-term and short-term goals and your interests. This is now the time to change your interest in several competencies. This is essential to ensure you of reaching your goals a lot faster and better.

As far as skills are concerned, there are common categories that you need to be aware of:


1. Personal Skills

Personal skills are positive personality traits that you usually have. These skills always help you perform all your jobs right. Such type of skills can’t be immediately developed overnight. This is the reason why constant practice is required to polish everything. However, there are instances whereas qualities are unexpectedly embedded by default. If ever this has happened, it is best to identify some of your best personality traits. Also, make use of them to your advantage. All types of soft skills are actually a part of your personal skills.


2. Hard Skills

As far as hard skills are concerned, these are teachable and specific abilities which can be measured and defined. Some common examples include reading, writing, painting and more. All types of academic strength and skills you have are part of this category.

Need help? Think about people you've read about or met who have interesting jobs, or use the career quizzes that are available in your counselor's office or online. This will definitely help you find what you actually want to do. Work doesn’t seem like a work when you pursue your passion. Keep this in mind.


Important Steps You Need to Follow Towards Enhancing Your Skills

Do you want to enhance your skills yet hesitant because you don’t know where to start? Well, you no longer need to worry anymore because below are some of the best steps you need to follow.


1. Determine What Type of Skill You Have And What You Wanted to Develop

After you determine all your interests and goals, your next step is to determine some skills that need to be improved to be able to reach your target. For those who want to enhance their skills in economics, and then it’s best to work on enhancing their statistics and mathematics skills. If you also want to be a professional architect, you must focus on drawing, math, and science.

Apart from honing these skills, you also need to polish some of your soft skills. For instance, when you enter in college, you also need to obtain excellent skills in communication, leadership, time management, research and more. Therefore, you need to carefully work on your skills you wanted to develop to reach your goals.


2. Improve Your Academic Skills

You also need to enhance your academic skills. This is especially true for those students who want to be on top of their class.


3. Improve Communication Skills

In any field that you have chosen, it is still best to enhance your communication skills as these are essential for your career and for your personality. Write, learn, read, discuss, and repeat. This needs to be an important mantra, especially during school days. This is because this is the perfect time to shape your communication and personality.

Indulge yourself in some public speaking activities like debates, panel discussion, elocution and more. Another simple way to enhance your communication skill is by way of participating in some classroom discussions. You may initiate your doubts and you may as well answer some questions that are being asked by your teacher. This is not only to enhance your communication skills but to improve your confidence when speaking in front of a lot of people.


4. Learn More About Problem Solving

Learning how to solve a problem doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to learn to solve science and math problems. This also highlights solving all problems that come your way, either academic or non-academic matters. You need to follow a systematic approach to solving problems. Take note of all the steps you will have to take and the try a lot of problems as you can.


5. Taking Up Some Group Projects

When you are in school, you would consider it as the best time to learn and work with your team. Be part of several group projects to further enhance your leadership skills. Group projects serve as an essential way to make friends and to learn.


6. Learn How to Manage Time

Excelling in and out of your classroom is an essential skill that you need to improve. But, how are you going to do it? Well, proper time management plays an essential role to manage everything in and out of your classroom.

These are only some of the things you need to consider. These steps are known to be simple yet these are the most effective to improve your skill set.


Common Question You Need to Ask


Here is the complete list of the questions you need to ask yourself when identifying some of the skills you need to improve.

  1. What are the hard skills you need to improve to pursue your interest?
  2. Do you have highly improved interpersonal skills?
  3. Can you think outside the box while determining the best solution to your problem?
  4. Do you want to communicate with other people?
  5. Do you always feel chill when stepping some improvement stage in your life?
  6. Are you a follower or a leader?
  7. Complete this. You always lose time while studying because______.
  8. Now you know what you wanted to do, what type of skills you wanted to accomplish? What are the things you need to do if you want to develop some of these skills?

As far as skill sets are concerned, you may as well have strength and weaknesses. As early as now, try to consider developing your skill set. This is not only to help you reach your goals and interest in life. This will simply help you become a better person. Now, you already have learned the things you need to do to improve yourself and your skills.!


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