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Timetable Software

  • Adding students to a class is straightforward.
  • Subjctes can be allocated to the teachers with effortlessly.

unique Dashboard

  • Customised dashboard for administrator, teachers, students, & parents.
  • Easy to read graphs that show every student's performance class wise and subject wise.

Course Manager

  • Upswing provides a content-rich platform.
  • Teacher's class notes are made available to students.
  • Students can also upload their own notes.

Revision Manager

  • Basics of core concepts in every subject can be strengthened.
  • Topics finished in class can be revisited to get a firm grasp.
  • Unlimited practice tests to better understand every lesson.

Interactive Learning With

  • Concept Books.
  • FlashCards.
  • Crosswords.


  • Every student has access to the leaderboard.
  • It lists the top performers of every class subject wise, in order to encourage students to improve their progress.


  • Teachers can set exam papers accordingly to their liking.
  • They can mix and match the topics for the test or homework.
  • They can set MCQ, OMR and Descriptive type questions.

Evaluation System

  • Correction tools provided assist with simpler and quick evaluation.
  • Teachers can comment elaborately on the mistake made by the student.

Invigilation System

  • The question paper generator software randomises questions during tests and exams.
  • Eliminates the possibility of any kind of malpractice.
  • Help teachers know how well students have grasped a concept.

Chat Feature

  • Provides a one on one tutoring experience.
  • Students can raise doubts on topics taught in class.
  • Teachers can clear doubts giving the student immediate assistance.

proprietary Competitive Exam Prep Guide

  • Complete exam preparation guidance for NEET, IIT-JEE and CLAT.
  • Mock tests with NTA features that give confidence for the final exam.
  • Creates less confusion about teaching methodologies.

Value Added Programmes

  • Provides opportunities to write NTSE. KVPY. Olympiads.
  • Students participate in national and international level exams.
  • Achieving high scores gain access to scholarships jobs in well known organisations.

Career Guidance

  • A variety of videos on various career prospects.
  • Each gives the students information on new upcoming professions that will secure their future.
  • Students are kept aware of their options and opportunities and can make a well-informed decision.