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A Boon to
Every School

A Boon to
Every School

For Administrator

Managing an entire school is no easy task and with Upswing's Online School management software, we eliminate the hardships involved.

Gives you an overview of teacher performance and student progress.

Our school timetable software allows you to assign classes to the teachers within minutes.

Easy to comprehend reports on teacher performance and subject wise student progress helps in tracking efficiency.

With our question paper (MCQ/ Descriptive exams) generator software, you are assured to curve any malpractice during exams.

Save your teacher's time by using the OMR sheet and Upswing's OMR scanner to set up exams and publish results instantly.

Our competitive exam prep guide (IIT-JEE, NEET, CLAT) and Value Added Programmes (KVPY, NTSE, Olympiads) equip the students towards more holistic development and eliminates the need for any external coaching.


Upswing's online training platform is designed to allow teachers to focus less on paperwork and more on teaching.

Can keep in check the individual progress of every student in your class.

Our propriety software allows you to set question papers for tests and exams (MCQ OMR sheet and Descriptive papers) at ease with the liberty to add questions of your choice.

You have the comfort of assigning and evaluating homework on our platform.

Our software randomises the questions that eliminates any chance of misconduct among students.

Evaluation is made simpler with Upswing's correction tools that eliminate endless hours of grading papers.

With a comment option, students can be directed to their mistakes and be given tips on improvement.

Upswing's course manager lets you share your class notes on the completion of the lesson.

Our platform provides concepts pertaining to every topic taught in every subject.

Our chat feature helps you to give personal attention to students in order to clear their doubts.

Dashboard to monitor every student's progress and guide them towards improvement


With our student-centric approach, you stand to gain the most from our learning management software.

With access to teacheds class notes on every topic. you can gain a better understanding of the subject matter and you can also upload your own notes.

You can access notes on previously leamt topics that will help strengthen your core concepts.

Our chat feature allows you to raise doubts and clear them instantly.

We deliver unlimited practice and mock tests on every topic that keeps you exam ready.

With Flashcards, Concept books and Crosswords. we make your leaming fun and interesting.

With Upswing's Leaderboard. you will know where you stand subject wise in every class.

Our competitive entrance exam preparation guide also gives you the opportunity to prepare for exams such as NEET, ITT- JEE and CLAT, encouraging you to pursue the career Of your dreams.

By writing exams like the NTSE. KVPY, Olympiads you can procure scholarships giving you the calibre to join the most reputed organisations.


With Upswing's online leaming management system you can take a breather when it comes to your chilcfs performance in school.

You can keep track of your chilcfs everyday progress.

Upswings student management software allows you to stay informed of every step of their educational journey.

You will be completely involved in your childs developing learning curve.

Being notified of your chilcfs progress helps you to assist them at home with hornework, tests and exams.