Answer 10 Questions

Discover Your Future

Answer 10 Questions

Discover Your Future

Answer 10 Questions and Discover Your Future

The most compelling thing about your future is you who gets to embark upon this journey of taking yourself to new heights. But, first thing first, lets us get to know how you are and consequently where this person wants to be in the near or distant future.


1. What are your strengths?

Analyze yourself for the strengths that you may think you have and also ask around from your family members and friends. Sometimes the people around you are more aware of your strengths than you are.


2.What are your challenges?

Easier things and tasks are something you are already good at and there are very fewer chances of learning something from a task which you are good at accomplishing. Take a new start with something that has been compelling you and offers a challenge to your strengths in order to be done. These challenges exist in the day to day routine as well in the form of a certain subject or a piece of work.


3. What is your idea of fun?

Have you ever wondered about the idea of the fun which you may have? Is it an activity or a group of different activities? The activities which you enjoy doing for leisure not only makes you indulge your interests for the sake of spending quality time but also compel at least one challenging front for you.


4. Who are your ideals?

Everyone has some ideals who they look up to as ideals and their footsteps are followed. The ideals are mostly people who had an impact on history and can also be celebrities. A close analysis of your ideals can lead to learning more about yourselves as the traits which you like in your ideals are the ones which inspire you the most and also will then let you decide the determination which you may have in order to pursue those qualities.


5. What is one 'new thing' which you want to try?

Try to get to know that one thing which you have always wanted to accomplish since ages and never got a chance to. What is the most interesting thing about it and why do you want to do it in the first place. Also, imagine the outcome of the certain thing? What will happen after you have done it? Will you feel differently about yourself?


6. What is your most remarkable accomplishment?

For most of the people I can be a hard earned gold medal or be at the top of the class but for many others, it will be one moment when they made a complete stranger smile by lending them a helping hand in the hour of the need. This remarkable accomplishment tells you what matters to you most and what are you willing to do in order to attain that kind of sense of accomplishment.


7. Which class do you enjoy the most?

This does not necessarily have to be the class which you find the easiest to bear as the subject matter is what you already know. It can be a class which makes you lose the sense of time and universe and usually you will find such a class very short as compared to other classes. You can also examine that very class by asking yourself that whether it is what is taught which captures your interest or is the way it is being taught by a teacher.


8. What is your favorite reading material?

Is it the newspaper, internet browser or are you a bookworm? The topics or discussions which you like to follow regardless of the medium through which you read them tells you a lot about which things you find intriguing.


9. Which career inspires you?

Ask yourself that if given a chance to be able to do any job for one day which one will you be going for? Are there more than one careers out there which inspire you to try them at least once? What is common in all those and you? Do you think of yourself as the best candidate for that job? What are the things which you will change about yourself so that you can better execute that job?


10. What was your childhood dream?

Every one of us has one childhood dream which you always wanted to follow. It may seem so impossible now to pursue that but still, it can teach you a thing or two about yourself. You can start with what was the thing about the childhood dream job which inspired you the most.


What to do with all the answers?

The journey of self-discovery does not end here. You can keep on asking yourself and you will discover something new every time you try to dig a little deeper. If you want to further know you career side and which career suits you the most then you may want to give a read to the 5 tips leading to self-career discovery.

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